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Another Controversial Exhibition in Prague

Are you visiting Prague, Czech Republic any time soon? If you are bored with normal exhibitions, that might be the city to visit. Just as the controversial show Bodies, showing dead human bodies, moved out of the Prague Exhibition Center, it is already in the metropolis to see further controversy. The premises of the Art Industry House – DUP39 in Charvátova Street near Národní třída in Prague are hosting a new exhibition called Voayer.

Hugging naked women and photos of orgasms

As the main exhibits, naked potent women can be seen exhibiting their intimate parts, pierced by piercings, bodies in submissive sexual attitudes, or community aids that are popular with erotic sadism, masochism and fetishism (BDSM).

“Nudity is more common today in the online world than in reality. As the sex, and the nakedness of other beings, we experience in the full presence. That’s why Voayer’s sole and essential goal is to mediate the exciting experience of the moment, “explains the main organizer of the event, Mário Petre.


Gets many complaints

For the first time, the exhibition took place last year in Bratislava, Slovakia, where it was visited by more than 700 visitors during the twelve hours. Although the organizers first feared the reaction of relatively conservative Slovakia, their fears were only partially fulfilled.

In Bratislava, although one activist filed a criminal complaint about suspicion of trafficking in women, pimping and threatening the moral education of the youth, the police did not initiate prosecution after obtaining the statements of the organizers.

“It’s since the age of 18, it’s open-minded for people who like BDSM practices, I do not have a problem with such action for a specific audience. It always depends on the context, “said Jan Smiggles Kavková, Director of the Czech Women’s Lobby.

Almost a strip show

Every day, thirteen new models will be stripped off at the show, which will be able to see visitors for 669 Czech crowns, but some even touch. In order for the hatchet not to spill, they will guard the personal guardians who are in charge of the girls. If a visitor decides to visit an exhibition after all three days, he will see thirty-nine real naked women in different positions. However, one entry may not take more than an hour and a half. I know you will want to brag about new motorola you love so much, but doubtful will be able to take it out during the exhibition as taking photos is strictly forbidden.


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Nevertheless, during the show, visitors will also be able to see the works of photographer Petr Jedinek, who is photographing female orgasms. Another artist presenting his works is the sculptor Slavomír Gibej, who creates castings of real women. In addition, if one of the visitors is interested in the exhibition so much that he wants to become an exhibit, according to the organizers it is no problem.

You can undress, too

“If some visitors want to undress during the exhibition and create a unique lifelong experience, it is enough to ask one of the organizers for this option,” adds Petre, who wants to visit other countries in the future.

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