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How Not to Feel an Impostor at an Exhibition 

Art exhibitions is somewhat of a hidden gem. It’s not a Marvel blockbuster that everyone will be talking about the next day after. Or a Kanye West album.  

In fact, even though these are all art forms, in reality art exhibitions are closer to casino games rather than other types of art. Because whether you visit exhibitions regularly or play casino games on this page, you are likely to share your experience with only a select few. Or even keep it to yourself.  

For one, only a small minority of people are interested in seeing photography or paintings displayed in an art gallery. (And yes, for simplicity reasons we are taking a narrowed view on this). But just as importantly, even people who are interested in art, don’t go to galleries because they fear of feeling like an impostor who doesn’t belong.  

We are not trying to be the Bob Ross of art galleries and exhibitions. But we just want to say that everyone can understand art. You shouldn’t not feel unwelcome or alien, especially if it’s just your first art exhibition.  

More on that next.  

Your First Art Exhibition 

Your First Art Exhibition 

You enter the gallery and look around. You notice people calmly walking around, discussing the art. You probably start feeling a bit overwhelmed. You don’t know what to look for, where to start, what to say.  

And that’s ok. Take your time. There is going to be a curator of the gallery. You can start walking around or you can say hello.  

We recommend talking to the curator for several reasons: 

The gallery exhibition may be curated by the artist themselves.  

You can get inside information about the artist 

You can get inside information about the specific art piece of the whole exhibition  

If you are shy or there is no curator in sight, explore the gallery at your own accord.  

What to look for 

purest form of art

The reason why we want to encourage you to visit art exhibition is because it’s the purest form of art. It’s there, on the wall. It doesn’t try to persuade of anything. No tricks, no gimmicks.  

It’s personal.  

You can do whatever you want with it. Enjoy, take it to heart, let your imagination flow. You don’t have to feel intimidated. Focus on how it makes you feel. That is all that matters.  

As you walk around, try finding an overarching theme. It may be as easy as just reading the pamphlet, or the lines may be a bit more blurred. When you go from piece to piece, try putting the puzzle back together. Are there any dominating patters or colors that repeat? Or maybe these is something that connects pieces to the whole composition?  

Not to say you need special skills for visiting art galleries, but you will get better. You will feel better. Embrace the calmness of the gallery, the chill that occasionally runs through your skin. Enjoy your time. In the end, that’s the whole point.  

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