How to Pick the Right Place for You Exhibition

If you are looking to choose a place to hold your exhibition then it is important to locate somewhere which has the right ambience. It should assist you in attracting the right customers and can make the difference between a successful exhibition or not.

Before you select the right place for your exhibition then you should consider these factors:


If your date is set in stone then you will need to select a venue based on which are available. However, if you are able to flex on the date and can choose the venue first you can be assured of a better range of choice. This will ensure you pick the best one for your needs.


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The Exhibition

The obvious place to hold an art exhibition is in an art gallery. Of course, this is not always an option and you may need to settle for the village hall. However, one thing that you should consider is the nature of your exhibition; this must suit the venue you choose. For instance, a display highlighting the problems associated with too much alcohol cannot be exhibited in the conference room at your local bar!


You will need to consider how many people you expect to be attending your event. This will control the size of the room you need. If the room is too small people will be crowded; this will take away from the enjoyment of the exhibition.

In contrast, if the space is too large it will appear unpopular and people are likely to feel uncomfortable.

Deciding the number of attendees can be difficult but it is an important factor in your venue choice.


You will, of course, have a budget for your exhibition and should not be eager to use it all on your venue; there are other costs involved. It is important to locate your budget and look at venues within this range; attendance is important but so is keeping the cost right!


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It is essential to choose the right location. This ties in with the ambience of the event and will help to attract the right group of customers. Your location will need to have adequate parking facilities, ease of access and be in an area that your target audience will feel comfortable moving around in.


Finally, it is important to consider what facilities are available at your chosen venue. If you are interested in providing catering then you may need a kitchen. Toilets are essential and you will also need to look at the way the space is arranged. You may need to ad lighting in key places in order to create the right feel; whether suspense or excitement!